With a background in Fashion Design, Esther Moisy-Kirschbaum has worked across various roles within the fashion industry, before landing in e-commerce. A digital native, she has since always held positions at the intersection of technology and fashion, leveraging her knowledge of the luxury world and her editorial voice.

In the startup world since 2012, she loves working together with a small team but a big vision - joining either in the early stages or during a transition period like a relaunch. She currently calls Dubai home, after completing her studies in Paris and working in Istanbul, London, Vilnius and Berlin.

On top of her branding work, you’ll find some side projects, such as Tell Me About Your Job, a pioneer at the time in focusing on young professionals with an unusual career path.

She’s currently working on building a system that will allow you to take your fitness routine on the road. Stay tuned!

Her inbox is open to any inquiries 💌