What is this?

When I was in high school, I knew what I wanted to do. Or at least I thought I knew. But the guidance counselor had no idea what school I would have to do. Luckily, a little thing called Internet existed and I was able to do my own research. Turns out, I’m now doing something completely different. It’s not a job that a lot of people know about, and I ended up in there quite randomly. It happened after I worked in a bunch of different places and met various people along the way.

Today, I ask my friends a lot of questions about their jobs, how they got there and where they think they’ll end up. I thought it was a bit pointless that only I would hold all this info without sharing.

I’ll feature an interview with a new person every Wednesday.

I’ll try to keep it as varied as possible and each of my friends will tell me who I should interview next.

Email me if you want to tell me about your job or just to say hi: hello@tellmeaboutyourjob.com

Hot dog, let me at ‘em!