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The work described below is listed from newest to oldest. Feel free to drop me an email for more examples or further details; my email address can be found in the About section.

Al Tayer Digital

For those who are not familiar with the retail landscape in Dubai, here’s the tl;dr on Al Tayer: it is one the Emirates’ oldest groups, around since 1979 and mostly known for its success in the automotive and retail worlds. There is now a Digital department within Al Tayer Retail, that has launched several e-commerce websites since 2016, including both established brands (establishing their presence in the Gulf region) and own concepts:

  • Mamas & Papas (2016): the famous British baby brand and ATD’s first digital venture

  • Ounass (2016): the Middle East’s leading luxury retailer

  • Nass (2017): designer styles, outlet prices

  • (2017): this one needs no introduction

  • Nisnass (2018): fast-fashion, Ounass’ little sister

  • Ounass Men & Ounass Kids (2019): because the rest of the family was feeling left out when Ounass only catered to women

Across that whole digital portfolio, my role has been to shape the brand voice of our web content (for the ATD’s own-concept website) ahead of launches and to manage content production created by my team, working closely with our in-house Studio Team.

Similarly to what I did at Farfetch, I helped shape the production software ATD is currently using (Studio Bridge) to our needs, to increase productivity and quality.

Click through below to see examples of the content produced at ATD.



I started at Vinted as a freelancer, organising merchandise and thinking of smart ways to display the secondhand marketplace’s merchandise to customers across all the territories then covered by the app: US, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany (their biggest market; where it’s called Kleiderkreisel).

At that time, Vinted was undergoing a rebranding and a complete change of leadership and strategy. As their Editorial Lead, I created and developed an editorial and social strategy and calendar, working closely with the Head of Brand, Merchandising and Design. My Editorial Team created editorial and social content, curated merchandising edits, tailored to each country. You can see examples below.

A key part of my role was also to define strategies helping sellers become super sellers, and customers become repeat customers, via how-tos and reworked FAQs, but also through integrated content. It is now widely successful in France and Germany.

I also worked on Kleiderkreisel’s two first TV campaigns, working closely with the agencies and production companies to ensure the TVCs were on-brand. As the in-house consultant, I gave insights on concept, casting, styling, music, edits. You can watch excerpts below.


Vinted Editorial

Read some of the interviews that were published on different Vinted websites - keep in mind content had to be localised as we gave the option to shop the interview subject’s closet.


Vinted TVC

Although I worked on two campaigns, this campaign for Vinted (broadcast in France) and Kleiderkreisel (in Germany) as well as Mamikreisel (in Germany, for parents) is the one I had the biggest involvement in.


Unmade - which when I joined was called Knyttan - is an exciting startup that set out to transform the knitting world - even the fashion industry if the New York Times is to be believed. By creating a software facilitating the programming of notoriously difficult to operate knitting machines, the founders (two engineers and a knitwear designer) created both a B2C and B2B company. Indeed, Unmade can sell unique and sustainable made-to-order knitwear to customers, while also handling the production aspect of fashion companies that wouldn’t necessarily invest in knitwear (Christopher Raeburn and Rapha to name but a few).

Following a round of investment, they rebranded as Unmade and along with the Creative Director, I came up with a brand voice and a tone to go along with the brand’s new identity. While they created a Content Manager position for me, I also worked on their social media and CRM strategy and execution. Add to that collaborations and special projects I helped manage, as well as influencer outreach, to get an idea of the many hats one must wear in a startup. Below are examples of editorial content I pitched and produced for Unmade as well as collaborations I worked on. Email and social media campaigns are available upon request.


I started as a freelance French content writer in Farfetch’s early days - this was 2012 and no one was talking about the possibility of an IPO then. The French website had just been launched, the first international iteration of the e-commerce site, in a high-visibility market since so many key brands and luxury boutiques are based in Paris. I quickly started leading the French speaking team so we could do better transcreation. We worked on localised editorials, product pages, newsletters and social media but also UI.

Since that localisation experiment went so well, Farfetch went on to launch several international websites - Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Russia, Spain/Latin America - and armed with my experience with the French team, I helped hire and train all content supervisors (who themselves went on to create their teams). As the Lead Content Supervisor, I worked closely with the Content Manager to lead all localisation projects in this high-growth environment.

At the same time, we were trying to find a smart way to translate the many many product pages that were to be uploaded daily and no off-the-shelf CMS tool was quite right. Along with the Content Manager and the Product Team, our in-house team created a highly time-efficient (using the Kaizen principles) and flexible tool that, with the help of an expanding translation database, could automatise content to increase productivity and accuracy. That tool became the backbone of the translation process once Farfetch launched its other international versions.

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